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Concours d'Elegance Highlights

Rarity, patronage and history are among the values that play a role of utter importance in the realm of luxury. This was one of the reasons why I attended Concours d’Elegance that took place on the 22-23 of June in Kucuksu Palace’s garden in Istanbul. Concours d’Elegance is a prestigious exhibition-like competition of elegance for concept, classic, vintage and antique cars. The beginnings of Concours d’Elegance dates back to 17th Century when cars weren’t invented the French aristocracy had their majestic horse-carriages displayed to compete and afterwards came the new luxurious automobiles.

During the event that I attended last week, a total of 60 automobiles were displayed and the winners were awarded after two days of evaluation by the jury members which consisted of Turkish and international experts and automobile historians.

I had the pleasure to meet with many insiders of the circle particularly with the connoisseurs, enthusiasts and of course collectors both from different cities of Turkey as well as from overseas. Each classic car had its own legend and mystique in its soul. Some of them were extremely rare and priceless which is why they are preserved in a delicate manner by the high net worth patrons or by the museums like Rahmi Koc Museum. The oldest cars were from the 1910s that have been protected with care and attention. Isiklar Holding organized the event and Ugur Isik, Vice-President of Isiklar Holding, is a collector himself was also present. Cartier was among the sponsoring luxury brands. 

Overall, it was a pleasure to meet these noble-minded CEOs and tycoons that have passion to objects with soul and it felt good to see that this kind of circle and its culture keeps growing. Celebrating rarity, patronage and history for two days next to the Kucuksu Palace, breathing the fresh breeze of the Bosphorus, during this haute bohème summer event along with the live jazz quintet was a rather hedonic experience that one won’t ever forget.


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