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The Mystery of an Invisible Aristocrat

by Tofig Husein-zadeh

for John Walker & Sons




"Visibilia ex invisibilibus is the Latin motto which reminds that all that is visible in our life, all that we see and touch, what we call reality, comes from our invisibility, ideas and dreams."  

Stefano Elio D'Anna




It all began with the inevitable question - who is the Invisible Aristocrat? I must say there is no language on our planet that has enough words to describe the invisible aristocrat - the Greatest observer from a different time realm. As he is a nobleman, he is the creator of values. An enthusiast of haute bohème way of life with a hedonist way of thinking. His raison d'être is to revive the lost language. He is aware that the aristocratic thought is a lost art and so for the sake of a higher purpose it is his dream to revive and protect the values of an enlightened class. The connoisseur of spectacular realities in deceptive poetry and symbolist art. The invisible aristocrat is a student in the school of meta-luxury and a teacher in the academy of illumination. He has been walking in a timeless journey for centuries leaving milestones behind and expressing the importance of pleasure rather than freedom and power instead of money. Similar to the notion of time he isn't showing signs of stop. Similar to the notion of time the invisible aristocrat is always in movement, always walking forward. So all the Johnnie Walker minded nobles around the world... Keep Walking.


* * * *

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